Another Day In Paradise

by Michael Stribling

Released 2007
Leela Music, Bmi
Released 2007
Leela Music, Bmi
Instrumental new age music that celebrates the themes of a typical day in paradise: processions and celebration; morning, afternoon, and evening; the land, ocean, and sky; youth; spiritual/physical union; and dance
"Another Day in Paradise" is the second release for 2007, following on the heels of "Out of the Darkness, Into the Light", which reached #2 in its first month of release (New Age Reporter, January 2007). Literally picking up where the previous CD ended, "Another Day in Paradise" offers 11 instrumental new age compositions (okay, there are a couple of vocal tracks hidden away in there someplace) that celebrate the major themes of a typical day in paradise.

"His composing and performing skills continue to impress me … this is his best release to date … Stribling takes the listener on a musical voyage that alternately invigorates and soothes but always entertains … The album rates a solid recommendation from me and I look forward to much more from this artist …" Bill Binkelman, New Age Reporter

"I like his newest work even more. There is something energetic about it. Also something comforting with a bit of promise in every track. … Michael’s blend of atmospheric tracks is the musical panacea we have been looking for … floating music that enfolds the listener like a melodious embrace. … Michael’s music lets you actually feel the warmth of sun and wind, the slow moving shadows of leafy trees and the sweet smells of oranges as the day progresses. ... This is the third album of Michael’s music I have reviewed and as I said, it is my favorite." RJ Lannan, New Age Reporter

"This is a truly masterful work …" Raj Manoharan

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