The Promise

by Michael Stribling

Released 2009
Leela Music
Released 2009
Leela Music
ZMR Music Award Winner, The Promise follows Everyman's Journey from the hustle and bustle of daily living to the anticipation and promise of the great beyond. Fourteen original compositions cover the gamut of yang and yin, and the transition from life to Life.
Everyman's Journey

Everyman awakens to a "Bright New Day", full of promise and anticipation. Embracing the hustle and bustle of "Daily Living" (on the job, to and from school, at home), Everyman engages life with the linear thinking and "Angular Reasoning" required to function in this Manifest Domain.

Everything changes "When Love Comes Near", beckoning Everyman back to the Unmanifest reality. And "Late One Night", Everyman begins the transition, "Facing the Great Unknown", with the etheric body leaving the physical body and its memories behind, like some "Forgotten Dreams".

On the other side, waiting breathlessly with "Love's Anticipation", are other soul-selves. But first, Everyman must cross over to the other side, rising to higher levels, as though "Ascending through Clouds". Along the way, the self experiences "Expansion", as it steps back up to its former glory, before it downsized into human form in this last incarnation.

Finally, the soul reaches the "Distant Shores" of its destination, where Everyman is reminded of "The Promise": there is no death; only life. "At the Last", the soul is safe; the self is home. When, or whether, Everyman returns to the linear domain, for another round of life, love, and learning, is yet to be decided. And it will be ... "All in Good Time".

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